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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service Benefits

Various Benefits Of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

More often than not, commercial air duct cleaning is the last thing on the mind of business owners. Business owners are always skeptical when someone tells them that they need this service. Air ducts in commercial buildings as well as in homes are hidden, and since nobody can see deep inside, people usually assume that they never need cleaning. People assume if they can’t see it, it usually means that everything is working as it should. However, air duct cleaning is something that shouldn’t be neglected. 

Ultraviolet Light In Air Ducts

Thankfully, the use of technology has made it easier for professionals in the HVAC industry to show property owners huge amounts of dust and debris lying inside the ducts. With the help of CCTV technology, it’s possible to get a close look at the air ducts from the inside. 

What Are The Benefits?

Here are a few benefits of regular commercial air duct cleaning for property owners:

Cleaning Becomes Easier

If air ducts are not cleaned regularly, the dust and debris start building up inside and whenever air flows through these ducts, tiny dust particles float through the vents and make everything dirty. This makes it difficult to clean the property as well as the things inside it as the source of the dust and debris lies inside. Having a professional cleaning company handle the cleaning will help in making cleaning easier.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The air inside a building should not only smell good but should also be free of pollutants and allergens. Airborne particles inside a building can lead to eye irritation, allergies as well as other health issues. With regular cleaning of air ducts, the indoor air quality will improve multifold. In fact, research has shown that poor indoor air quality often leads to lower morale, an increase in absenteeism and other such negative effects.

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Reduction in Odor

Allergens and dust particles suspended in the air ducts not only irritate the respiratory system but also trap in odors. This can be especially troubling in commercial buildings such as food establishments. Dirty air ducts are also the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew which is a big no-no in any building, commercial or residential.

Longer Life of HVAC Equipment

Ducts full of dirt particles create blockages and the HVAC system has to work harder than normal in order to keep circulating the air. With growing layers of dust inside the system, the motors have to run harder in order to push the air which can lead to overeating and burning out of motors. A typical HVAC system lasts anywhere from 12 to 20 years but only when air flows through clean ducts. Dirty air ducts have the potential to severely reduce the expected service life of HVAC equipment.

Save Money

Dirty air ducts not only negatively affect the service life of HVAC equipment but also increase your energy bills. The motor has to work harder with the risk of overheating and it also utilizes more energy which results in higher energy costs. Regular cleaning will help in keeping your utility bills in check and avoid any premature replacements of the HVAC system.

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Overall, regular cleaning of air ducts offers a number of benefits including better indoor air quality, the enhanced service life of HVAC equipment and higher productivity among others. As a business owner in Atlanta, you should seriously consider hiring the services of a professional crew with experience in duct cleaning to reap the above-mentioned benefits. For a free quote, call Quality Air Ducts Atlanta at (480) 505-5050.

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