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UV Light Installations
UV Light Installations

Nearly all HVAC systems have the ideal conditions for the growth of mold, mildew, and other hazardous air pollutants. To combat this problem, we safely install UV light out of sight inside your air conditioning and heating system to eliminate pet, cooking, mold, mildew, chemical, paint, carpentry, and other odors. We offer the installation of the Breathe Easy UV Lights from Amiliar Corporation for a very competitive price. Call today for our latest deals.

Breathe Easy Amilair Corp. – UV LAMPS

These units create pure air naturally, by using the natural elements of invisible Ultra Violet light (UV) – light that is emitted by the sun at the violet end of its spectrum. Through innovative, safe and environmentally friendly technologies, this UV air treatment system cleanses residential air without ozone – and for only pennies a day
• Produces no Ozone!
• Replacement Bulbs available
• Easy Installation 1 hour or less
Pennies/ day to operate. Low cost to buy! 

The Unit has a two year warranty and the Bulb has a life of 13000 hours (abut 18 months) Many tests have proven that UVC lighting installed in the air supply of a heating or cooling unit gradually eliminates a high percentage of harmful bacteria from residential air treated within homes. Designed to meet the growing consumer demand for clean air in the home, the Breathe Easy UV system can be easily be installed and maintained in furnaces by either a contractor or the homeowner. Each separate unit is designed to provide optimum UV treatment of up to 3000sf, providing clean air at considerably less cost than other UV treatment products or filtration systems currently available on the market. 
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